after a lengthy absence, i have decided to start blogging again.

so what happened, what brought you back? 

to answer these questions, let us rewind, back to the first week of school, at about 10:40 on wednesday, to be exact.

we were doing those annoying introductions, tell us your name, tell us your major, tell us your ethnicity when one introduction caught my attention. my name is h a, my major is communications, and i am an exchange student from the united arab emirates.

i love photography, for those who do not know. by no means am i a photographer, but that does not mean i do not or cannot appreciate good photography and photographers. she must have the coolest pictures of her country i thought to myself. i decided then i wanted to get to know h.

imagine my delight then, when she sat beside me the next week. are you into photography? do you have instagram? of course she did. we then swapped handles, followed each other, became mutually awed, and clicked from that point on.

i love your captions, they are so interesting, i can tell you write. do you have writing anywhere, a blog, anything? she asked me the following week. naturally, i pointed her here to my wordpress which i shamefully have not updated in over a year. i had been contemplating it for a while now, to jump back on board with my blog, to be honest.

but it is what she said after she read my scanty blog that inspired me to really log back in: your posts on the blog are so clear and meaningful! please write some more! i wished there were more posts to read, they are all so intriguing, honestly speaking.

and so that is why i am back here. i received that kick, that push start i personally needed.


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